5 fun Mexican wedding traditions!

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We’re so glad you’ve decided to live this great day in Mexico! We would like you and your guests to get involved in our way to celebrate marriage, when happiness and our Latin spirit fill everyone’s heart. Here are some Mexican wedding traditions that you can ask your wedding planner for more details and surprise the assistants!

Vibora de la mar

This is so Mexican that is hard to explain… well, it is when the groom and the bride stand up in a chair and make an arch with the veil or the dress.  Guests make a line and start dancing while they pass through the arch. The newlyweds give them tequila direct from the bottle to spice things up!

It’s supposed to symbolize the problems that couple may get through and how they should survive them. This is one of the most relevant Mexican wedding traditions because it’s when formalities stop and the fun starts.

Throw the glasses

The couple must break something into thousand pieces (and bottles are more dangerous than glasses). Tradition says that the most pieces they get, the happier they would be in their marriage. It also symbolizes leaving behind all the problems from the past to start a new and exciting journey together. However, all the breaking should be after the toast, just be careful and don’t hit any guest!

The “muertito”

Mexican men say that the beginning of a marriage is the end of the groom’s life (now he says goodbye to Friday nights in order to be a great husband and future daddy). Of course it’s a joke and the pretext to get some fun “a la macho” style. Groom’s best friends toss him through the air as a symbol for his death now he’s not single anymore. We call it “el muertito”, that it’s in English something like “the dead guy”.


Is there anything more Mexican than mariachi? It would not be a Mexican wedding if there’s not mariachi in there even if you come from other country. We suggest listening to some mariachi songs weeks before the big day so you can sing your heart out.

Chilaquiles at 2 or 3 AM

After all the tequila, the mojitos and all kind of cocktails with alcohol, you may need something to recover energies and continue the party. Well, Mexicans take a few minutes of rest to have some chilaquiles. If you don’t know what chilaquiles are, they are made of tortilla chips, tomatoes’ sauce and sometimes cheese at the top. Another option is the “cochinita” which is a traditional Yucatecan way to prepare pork. Both options are delicious!

Which of these Mexican wedding traditions you think is most fun? Are you going to include them in your wedding? Let us know what you think and send us a message if you need more info.

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