5 themes to have the coolest bachelorette party

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Before you say the definitive “I do”, every bride has this traditional bachelorette party. A way to say goodbye to her singleness and begin this new life stage with her partner. That is where the bridesmaids come in. Their job is to prepare all things for the celebration; the music, the games, the decoration, the guest list, and the gifts. But how to make the most out of this amazing festivity? You need to have a little bit of wit to avoid boring out your guests, or make it a forgettable moment in your life. Take care of every detail of the party and give the bride a singleness goodbye party she’ll never forget.

To inspire you, we leave these 5 original themes to the coolest bachelorette party.

The “Sex and the City” Party

sex and the city bachelorette party

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Undoubtedly, the part most brides know about is Carrie Bradshaw and the adventures with her friends about racing to marriage. Imagine reviving that comedy in a girls night. You and the other bridesmaids shouldn’t forget to add Channel, Prada and other designer products to achieve the glamorous lifestyle of New York. For the costume design you could get Carrie’s tutu skirts or funny shirts that say “cheers bitches”, for the bridesmaids and “future Mrs.” for the bride. Prepare pinky mimosas and you can’t forget the martinis. The bridal shower gifts could be a Mac make-up package or any stuff with style. And for sure, games like truth or dare.

A Night in Paris

a night in paris bachelorette party

Who doesn’t like the atmosphere that inspires the city of love? Oh, Paris! Well, if the bride is a lover of the tender and sweet atmosphere, then you could have a great night touching on the French capital. Make a couple of Paris photo booth props to take funny pictures. The Moet champagne is the essential drink of the party. The gifts could be Eiffel tower cookies or small bottles of sparkling wine. The decoration, music and ambient should inspire everybody to fall in love in France.

Tropical Tiki Night

tiki bachelorette party

Fuente: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c0/8a/7b/c08a7be2a7afe6433ee6d137ac0fb348.jpg

There is nothing more quiet than sitting by the sea, the sun and beach in the Hawaiian islands. You can take those tropical tiki nights made for tourists and use them to organize your bridal shower. A tropical decoration, like palms, pineapples, and flower necklaces should be part of the theme. Hawaiian music and Elvis Presley songs will make all girls dance, and you could add limbo. To drink you can give the guest a couple of cocktails like piñas coladas, daiquiris and margaritas.

It’s Vegas Time, Baby!

vegas bachelorette party

Vegas is the place with the most insane parties, and at the same time the luxury and fanciness of a town where you can bet great sums of money in the casinos, it is also known for the legendary bachelorette parties thrown at the night clubs. If you can go or not to celebrate it over there, you can recreate the atmosphere with the bride and her friends. You can hire a casino and banquet service; they will help you decorate Vegas style. Don’t forget the poker tables, the chips, roulettes, and the toxitoes to get the most unforgettable memory of this moment. Jagger bombs and tequila shots should be the principal drink on the event. Considering the gifts you might want a hangover kit, it will get in handy the day after the celebration; the house never loses.

Rock On!

rock bachelorette party

If the bride loves all related to rock stars, music and concerts, then have a rock bridal shower. Ask the guests to dress up as their favorite rock stars, recreate a concert stage and organize a karaoke playlist with the best rock  songs of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The banquet could have neon drinks, musical instruments, cookies, and burgers. Send original invitations looking like music concerts tickets and make rock shirts for the bridesmaids.

We assure you that after the great time between friends, the bride will be happy to get married. For this and more wedding tips, do not forget to visit Love at Sunset blog, and save your date with us.

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