7 Reasons why the beach is the best spot for your wedding

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How many times have you heard about weddings on the beach? It is the new trend in destination wedding, like Caribbean countries, Hawaiian Islands, Miami and other paradisiacal beaches.  You could argue it isn´t the best option for your savings or if you are planning a huge event with a big guest list.  However, believe us; you might have a lot of benefits if you are looking to have a special day without spending great amounts of money.

Here is a list of reasons for making a wedding at the beach:

It is more romantic

There is nothing more romantic than having the sunset on your back, the sound of the waves, the fresh ocean breeze and the sand on your feet. Beaches have the natural magic that turns your wedding day into one of the most exquisite memories for you and your guests. Can you imagine making your vows to your loved one, with the infinite sea stretching behind you? There is nothing more poetic than that.

You save a lot of money

People usually think that beach weddings are more expensive than city weddings. That’s totally wrong. Many wedding services and planner packages include essential elements for your event: banquet, music service, decoration, the venue, the priest, and more.

Stress-free situation for the bride

Everyone knows how stressful is planning a wedding even if you have a wedding planner. It is hell running every day starting when you say “yes” to your fiancé. Make your guest list, choose your bridesmaids and their dresses, wedding gown test, choose the decoration; there are many things to do. Well, the best spot to get rid of stress is the beach, it may be a true relief for the bride.

Two birds in one shot

A good point to take into consideration at the beach is that you won’t have to choose a different destination for your honeymoon. You can get married and enjoy the honeymoon at the same place. That means saving a lot of money. Your guest could have a vacation time there too. A good deal isn’t it?

Memorable pictures

Definitely, the beach is by itself the best spot for pictures. Adding a beautiful sunset with the ocean behind you, it is the best scenery. You just need a little bit of spark and fun in every shot, and you are ready! The most unforgettable memories of the best day of your life.

Less scrounger guest at the party

In every familiar event, it is common to invite many people. Like when your mom says “Don’t forget to invite your cousins that live in…” Or your friends asking you for more invitations to get people in the party. Well, you could spend more money to prevent that. But, when you make the wedding out of your place, people have to organize their budgets, time and schedule. For sure not everyone will be able to attend or they will try to save money avoiding to invite more people. This means big savings for your pocket.

Decoration savings

Like we said before, when you hire this package of destination weddings, they usually have a decoration plan. And with the beauty of the ocean views,  you might want extra ornaments. Consider that the tables, the wedding cake, the flowers and the light bowls series have to be an essential part of your celebration.

Now if you are convinced about the benefits of making your wedding party at the beach, just check the best places to do so. For this and more tips do not forget to visit our blog. We invite you to save the date with us.

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