Check Out These 4 Types of Weddings in Cancun

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We are sure that you know there’s a certain age where our friends start getting married. During this period, all we hear is how hard it is to organize a dreaming wedding and we don’t have any idea about what to say.

Some people like big parties, but others want to keep it simple and just celebrate an intimate dinner. If you’ve decided to get married at the beach (or if you know someone who does), we invite you to read about these types of weddings in Cancun that may be helpful.

The budget, the location, the kind of ceremony… We realize how complicated it might get and that’s why we want to give you some ideas.

Semiprivate dinner

A semiprivate dinner package includes the ceremony in a gazebo, the flowers for the bride, the boutonniere for the groom and minister service. Then, everyone taste great dishes in the restaurant for a certain number of guests and make a toast for the newlyweds with sparkling wine.

Maybe is not as intimate as a private event and is not a big party, but it’s a great solution for couples who want to save some money and keep it for the honeymoon or any project they have as newlyweds.


Wedding - Private Dinner

Private Dinner

These types of weddings in Cancun are similar to the semiprivate dinner, but they include open bar for a few hours and the restaurant will be just for you and your guests!

You can enjoy an additional benefit in the private dinner package: get one free hotel night for you and your life partner for every certain numbers of rooms booked by your guests.

Two-Days Wedding

A big step deserves a huge party, that’s why we want to propose you a two-days wedding to really celebrate this important date.

There’s a cocktail specially made for you and your guests one day before the ceremony as a preview. The next day, the main party has place with open bar and a private dinner.

Wedding in a yacht

Get married in a yacht!

That’s what we call a real Caribbean wedding. A ride in a yacht is one of the most glamourous things you can do in Cancun and a different way to get married.

The sunset, the sparkling wine, the family, your best friends and of course, the person you choose to spend your life with… everything is arranged for you to get married in a yacht and remember this day forever.

Dinner is also available, just ask your wedding planner about the additional fee needed.

Couple at sunset

Weddings in Cancun are getting more and more popular every year. There are affordable options and other luxurious ones, you just need to check which one suites you better.

And remember, this is an excellent opportunity to get married and spend a beautiful honeymoon exploring all the attractions in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Let us know what do you think about getting married in Cancun and which is your ideal ceremony. You can also contact us and learn more about these options.

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