How do I ask my friends to be my Bridesmaid?

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Once you’ve chosen your Bridesmaids, the wedding planning fun can really begin. Hopefully, you’ve picked the girls who will help make your Pinterest dreams a reality, the ones who will make you laugh when Wedding feels overwhelming, the ones who can talk you out of a Bridezilla moment, and who will listen and advise when there are difficult decisions to be made over inevitable family dramas.

These girls will be the ones who make sure your makeup and hair look perfect all day long, they’ll help calm your nerves in the final moments before you walk down the aisle, they’ll be there to give you a massive hug filled with pride and joy, as you become a wife.

Asking your best girls to be your Bridesmaids should be special, as that time spent pouring over dresses, decor ideas and crafting crazy DIY projects is a time to cherish. Today we’re honoring the ultimate girl squad – the Bridesmaids – and looking at some of the sweetest ways to ask your best girls – Will you be my Bridesmaid?


Buying jewelry for a friend is a really fun thing to do – there’s no formality or expectation to it and it’s a treat that they would never buy for themselves. Ask your girls to help you tie the knot with this adorable bow ring. Your bridesmaids can rewear this pretty bow bracelet on the big day.


Box of Goodies

Prep your bridesmaids for their duties by arming them with pretty wedding things (like a handkerchief for tears and color palette swatches for their input) plus sentimental photos and trinkets documenting your friendship.


Little Extras

The perfect way to put a smile on your friend’s face – a cute card with a cheeky message. We’re certain everyone will be able to relate to the ‘Make my Pinterest dreams a reality card…’ and a little nod to looking good in a dress, but not overshadowing you is sure to make your girls laugh too.

Who needs diamonds when you can have candy? Pop the question to your maids with a ring pop!

Another idea we love is the ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ balloon. Who doesn’t love a balloon?

A fortune cookie; this fortune will predict where your bridesmaids will be in a few months…at your wedding!



Have you chosen your Bridesmaids? Did you propose to your best girls in a special way? We’d love to know! Let us help you with all the arrangement for your weddings and only enjoy all the fun with your bridesmaids.

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