How to Avoid Mama Drama

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There’s a lot of people that may influence your wedding decisions, but there are few opinions that matter more than your mother’s, and that’s yours and your partner’s!

Even though it may be a little hard to ignore the suggestions of your own mother, here’s a great tip on how to avoid turning the situation into a complete madness.

You may feel like your mother is trying to control the situation by giving you exact commands on what you have to do to achieve a successful wedding, but the truth is that she only wants the best for you. She feels that –because she has already lived it- she knows about the best decisions you can make, when in reality, her perception of the ideal wedding may be a bit old-fashioned. What you need to do is to let her know in the best way posible that you want things a certain way because you want to reflect your style in your wedding, but always let her know that you appreciate her comments.

The thing you have to keep in mind, is that she has been dreaming about this moment since you were very small, probably even longer than you have. Everyone knows that being mother of the bride is a very important occasion in any woman’s life.

So be patient, don’t loose control, never asume a defensive stance, and listen to what she has to say, she may even have an idea that suits your wedding plans. The most important thing is to be receptive without loosing track of what you want.

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