How to create the perfect color match for your wedding

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Choosing the perfect color match for your wedding, could be one of the most important facts of your wedding plan, cause the combination of colors will be paramount at the time of considering details, such as: decoration, flowers, the bridesmaids’ dresses and even the wedding cake’s sugar roses.

The most important thing you need to remember is that you must have a color match according to wedding theme, the wedding season, the event venue, etc. And the last thing you need to think about is your favorite colors. You know you can’t have a pineapple yellow inside a big ballroom in a fall-winter season, even if they are your favorite colors.



On the other hand, your best option is to pick a beautiful boysenberry-orange palette as the main dominant vivid duo colors combo, with purple and yellow for high contrasts including ivory and sage hues. These are neutral backdrop colors that don’t compete with the white wedding dress and the green to achieve a happy and fresh atmosphere, perfect for a fall outdoor wedding ceremony.



The best starting point is to follow the basics of color theory and learn the chromatic circle combination rules, in order to choose the perfect color match, but there are other rules that could go against each other depending on which one you give the higher priority.



The first rule (one that you should always keep in mind) is do not make a color saturation, whether you combine many intense-vibrant colors, mix too many different forms and color textures, or use a 5-colors (or more) palette that doesn’t match.



The best option to avoid any of these bad decisions is to opt for two main colors that are complementary-opposite between them, or very close hues according to the chromatic wheel. Choose one that is darker and more intense and use it more than the other. For example, navy blue contrasted with a darker orange.



For the forms and textures that you can choose from, we keep suggesting to only have one, , two or maximum three colors that could be different from one another, but when mixed at the exact amount, they’ll give a unique touch to your wedding decor.



For example if you are in to the shine-bright mood you can use silver details, and they’ll look perfect giving that bling touch; but you definitely can’t mix them with another metal (golden or bronze) decoration.


Also avoid combinations like a blue sky paper wall with white dots matched with a Christmassy red and white striped tablecloth and a yellow glittery centerpiece with purple flowers. Your best option is to use the blue sky paper wall with a red cherry short tablecloth on the main white tablecloth and a silver or dark bronze centerpiece with small hue purple flowers. This will achieve a firm but sweet accepted decoration.




For more wedding decoration tips, stay tuned to our blog… to be continued…

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