Tips to save money on your Honeymoon

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You just spent a lot on your perfect wedding — so the thought of dishing out more cash for a honeymoon is totally overwhelming. Put your mind at ease and make your wallet happy with a few travel tricks for saving money. You may not save thousands, but every dollar counts!

Stay in the country

You may have dreamed about a honeymoon in Paris or Brazil, but did your dream include the sticker shock of an international flight? By not traveling overseas, you’ll cut airfare significantly. Plus, there are plenty of romantic and adventurous destinations within your own country that will definitely bond you more.

Be flexible about dates

Leaving the day after the wedding sounds delightful, but Sunday flights aren´t necessarily the most affordable ones. You’re more likely to get the cheapest flight available if you’re willing to leave in the middle of the week.

Investigate packages.

If a hotel offers a “honeymoon package,” take a close look to see if it’s really going to save you anything. If the offer is six nights for the price of five, that’s worthwhile. If the package brings an evening rose petal turndown service plus champagne for an added $200, buy a bottle of prosecco and toast to your budgeting skills instead.

Mention you’re newlyweds.

You can often leverage the fact that you’re on your honeymoon for special (and free) extras. While there are no hard rules for the practice (or guarantees it’ll get you anything), it’s worth telling the receptionist you’ll be spending your first days of married life with them. We’ve heard of couples getting complimentary room upgrades. It’s also worth dropping the h-word when you’re at airport check-in, and any bartender’s bound to offer a round on the house.

Prepare a few meals.

Bringing oatmeal or granola bars for a couple quick hotel room breakfasts is an easy way to save money (and time if you’re headed out for an early excursion). And even making your own lunch doesn’t have to feel like a sad cost-saving step. Go to the local grocery store and stock up on sandwich ingredients, fruit, and other picnic components. Trek to a secluded spot and enjoy a private lunch; you’ll save money without feeling like you’re scrimping on romance.


If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the cost of your post-wedding getaway, plan a short trip — a weekend away won’t cost you nearly as much as a full-blown honeymoon. Then, save up for a big honeymoon trip in the future.

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