Top 5 flowers for your wedding day

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Long time ago when you were just a little girl, you used to dream about your wedding day and how flawless, special and perfect even the smallest and insignificant detail should be.

We know how hard and stressful could be to organize your wedding, therefore we have a few special tips to make your life easier on this process, bringing you the best solutions for your perfect wedding.

Flowers have a very special role on wedding arrangements, whether it is the flowers you pick for your bridal bouquet, the church decoration or the centerpiece, they all hold a deep meaning.

Check our flower list to choose the right one according to your personality, your theme wedding, the color and type of the flowers, the season and the wedding venue to create the perfect match for you.


  • Roses are considered as the maximum love symbol; however, you should keep in mind that each color has a specific meaning. Red roses represent romanticism, elegance, beauty, and passion. The white ones, innocence and purity, while the yellow ones are associated with harmony, happiness and friendship.

  • Orchids symbolize beauty and seduction. The white ones evoke the purity of love; the pink ones have a swift seductive essence, while the dark ones have a passionate scent, and the yellow and orange ones, mean a young, happier and strong love.









  • Tulips are the young brides’ favorite flowers, cause they like the intense purple tones, but actually there’s a deeper symbolism within their beauty; those colorful tulips mean loyalty.









  • Daisy flowers are used in more casual and less serious weddings. And they’re frequently chosen to ornament warm places. They mean affection, faith, innocence and chastity.










  • Peonies are elegant and  provide a fresh and delightful essence, while providing a nice romantic style.

We hope that this article will help you for your special day.




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