What do I need to know before getting married in Mexico?

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Love is amazing, isn’t it? And when we are about to get married, the only thing on our minds is the cake, the guests, the food, the ceremony, the wedding dress, the tuxedo… everything is about the big day. I don’t mean to spoil the party, but you must also consider all the legal formalities, especially if you want to get married in a foreign country.

Now that you have your eyes in Cancun or Riviera Maya, it’s time to ask that question: what do I need to know before getting married in Mexico? The wedding planner can help you to handle it, but it’s good for you to know the requirements of the Mexican government.

The first thing you need to know is that the civil or legal wedding is different from the religious wedding. We’re going to learn more about the legal wedding because is the one that is valid all over the world.

Medical tests

It’s mandatory to get blood tests and chest x-rays to accomplish the Mexican formality. Remember these tests must be done in Mexico, in Spanish, because the ones obtained in foreign countries are not accepted.

The test results are only valid for 15 days. Ask your wedding planner if he or she can arrange an appointment to receive a specialist in your hotel room a couple of days before the ceremony.

Apostilled documents

Before traveling to Cancun or Riviera Maya for your wedding, please get these documents apostilled and translated to Spanish:

  • Birth certification
  • Death certification (if any of you is widowed)
  • Divorce certification (if applies)
  • Marriage application form

Remember, you must do this in the US! Don’t forget about it, ok? On the other hand, the marriage certification needs to be apostilled in Mexico after the legal ceremony. This is the only way to make valid your history love all over the world.

Passport and FMM

Your passport and FMM (the visitor permit you fill during the flight) will be enough, it’s not necessary to obtain another immigration document. This part is easy, don’t you think? This is in case both of you are American citizens, but if any of you is resident, a copy of your resident document will be required instead.

It’s not complicated at all obtaining the legal documents before getting married in Mexico; you just need to know them because they are as important as the ceremony preparative. Oh! And I almost forgot: passion, true love and commitment are also important for this huge step in your life.

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