Yacht weddings in Cancun, a unique way to get married

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Have you ever feel like you want to break the rules, or at least do something different than others? Now you’re about to get married, we want to make a proposal to you (another kind of proposal): why don’t you choose a yacht wedding in Cancun for the big day? I think it may be interesting for you because is not a typical party at the beach and allows everyone to see another side of the Caribbean Sea.

A yacht wedding is a great option if you want an intimate celebration with no more than 12 guests. Cancun has really beautiful sunsets and it’s a romantic and unbeatable scenario! The ceremony has place in the afternoon in Nichupte’s Lagoon, just across from the beachfront resorts, with toast included.

After the ceremony, you can add to this wedding package a private dinner in the pier. This is a convenient option for a very important reason: you don’t have to worry about the transportation from the marina to a restaurant or a hotel. Considering people might be hungry when they leave the yacht and everyone will be dressed-up, there’s not better choice than this.

Which is the best outfit for a yacht wedding?

My recommendation is bringing something light but elegant. Clothes made with linen are a smart choice considering Cancun is a warm city with a tropical weather, especially during the summer. If the wedding is going to have place in winter, it’s better to wear a light jacket that goes with your outfit because even though Cancun is not cold as the US and Canada, it is windy during the night and it’s better to be prepared.

Cancun has great clothes stores with options where you can choose your outfit a few days before the ceremony. Just ask your wedding planner for recommendations! You can also check other fabrics in case linen doesn’t work for you.

Do you want to plan a yacht wedding but you don’t know where to start? Contact us and we will give you all the information you need. We also have other wedding package options in case you prefer a different type of ceremony for the most important day of your life.

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